At Guardian Law, our staff of competent, professional attorneys and legal professionals deliver what you need:  Cutting edge representation that solves your most crucial problems and gives you the peace of mind you deserve.  We approach each client and situation with a commitment to create complete customer satisfaction.  We always take the time up front to explain your options so you can make the most informed decisions possible.

Guardian Law offers 3 main premium services to our clients including Tax Lien/Deed Collection, Foreclosure services, and Estate Planning.

Estate Planning- You don’t need to be wealthy or even own an “estate” to make an estate plan. Simply put, an Estate Plan lays out what will happen to your belongings, investments, stewardships, etc. once the time comes for those decisions to be made. We will help you protect your assets, avoid probate during your lifetime and when you pass, addressing the needs of your children, protecting your children, tax plans, and much more. Our experienced team will go over all the possibilities with you to give you the peace of mind you need.

Tax Lien/Deed Collection- Many of our clients are tax lien investors looking to reap the rewards of tax lien purchases without having to confront their debtors about payment.  Guardian Law fills this gap for them by providing a collection service for both our client and the debtor.

Foreclosure Services- If the tax lien on a property/deed reaches the point where the foreclosure process can begin, Guardian Law is there to take care of it. Completing the proper paperwork, notifications, and processes can be a headache for experienced and inexperienced investors alike. This being the case, the Lawyers at Guardian Law will be involved from the beginning to end, relieving much of the stress and burden that can go into the foreclosure.