Empowered by Paradigm

Platinum Payment Systems (PPS) is a unique processing solution for Direct Response, Infomercial, Telesales, Seminar, and other hard to place business.  PPS evolved from the marketing world, and has its roots in marketing and sales as opposed to the banking industry.  This means that PPS truly understands the difficulties of high-risk business.  We aren’t bankers sitting in ivory towers trying to understand launch models, future delivery, spikes in sales, and big ticket offerings.  We’ve done these types of launches ourselves, and we understand the merchants’ frustrations with traditional banking.

PPS began in 2004, and has 2508 active accounts that are processing $52, 807,652.14 a month.  PPS participates and sits on the processing committee of the ERA and participates in the ERSP.  PPS also made the INC 5000 list at #1032 with 422% growth over the last three years.

For more information or to speak with a representative from PPS, please call 801-798-6360.