Ryan R.

With a throwback nickname of “Leroy” you would think Ryan is not with the times, but that is the exact opposite. Knowing all things digital, Ryan has spent the last 12 years bouncing from customer service to SEO, product development to email marketing, and landing in web development. While many of you struggle to keep your inboxes clean, Ryan has sent over 1 billion emails in the past eight years.

Ryan can often be found slumped over a garbage can near the Tea Cups at Disneyland. He claims you haven’t lived until you’ve had the fried chicken at the magical place known as the Plaza Inn on Disneyland’s Main Street near the roundabout. One skill Ryan possesses that is often overlooked is the ability to hear a line from the sitcom Friends and name the season and episode in which it took place.

When not behind the computer or reciting lines from Chandler Bing, Ryan spends much of his time with his family and serving his church where he currently works with youth groups, spending his time planning and serving at youth dances and summer camps.

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