Mellisa is a superhero.  She’s not the kind of superhero who gets her power from a crackerjack box, but more like Superman, she was born with it. Her superpower is her brain, which functions on a different level and speed, often leaving normal humans in a state of confusion while she battles business issues and finds solutions. When Mellisa gives people the download of a work issue, they often stare at the wall wondering what just took place with an overwhelming feeling that they might have blacked out.

When she’s not putting out fires, you might find Mellisa painting Van Gogh-like wall art, capturing the perfect still shot like Ansel Adams, or spiking a volleyball in the faces of opponents with the power of Misty May-Treanor. Mellisa likes to point out that she has survived eight days in the Boundary Waters living off the land, backpacking for days, drinking lake water, catching dinner and wearing bug nets to avoid being eaten alive by 28 species of mosquitos…..all of this while she challenges your toughness by forcing you to select a black jelly bean out of her candy jar, which could either taste of licorice or skunk spray.

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