Lacey is the glue that holds the office together. A jack of all trades, she oversees Customer Service, Compliance, and Scheduling; but that’s just the beginning. Along with her managerial duties, she provides lunchtime health shake delivery and acts as a babysitter for the account reps. While the line outside of her office looks like a Black Friday mob in pursuit of the next Furby, she takes it all in stride with a smile on her face and provides answers, with a side of comedy, to those in need.

Lacey spends the majority of her spare time shopping for the perfect high heel to wear during her pop-a-shot competitions. As a self-proclaimed pop-a-shot world champion, she is proven as the office champion. While that is quite a feat, her biggest accomplishment took place in college, where she successfully beat Super Mario Brothers using only one man, without warping. That’s Hall of Fame material. Not to overshadow her pop-a-shot and Mario Brother skills, Lacey’s real skills are highlighted in her abilities to get her daughters back-and-forth between softball, soccer, and cheer, while donating her time to her church and making people laugh.

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