As a Customer Service Rep, Kendyl spends much of her day keeping people in line, scheduling appointments for the Account Reps and making sure we and our clients are all on the same page. Kendyl is continuously on high alert, unknowingly providing office security to those around her with an uncanny ability to simultaneously work the phones and hear every door in the office open, prompting her to pop her head up from behind her cubicle like a game of Wac-A-Mole. She has been given the name “Prairie Dog” for this particular set of skills.

Along with snowboarding and trips to the lake, Kendyl cherishes her time with her cats Stache and Muffet. As an avid cat lover, she plans to one day run a kitty farm and provide the world with an endless supply of cat memes searchable on Google.

While much of Kendyl’s time away from work involves winning hula hoop contests and shopping for leopard print (again with the cats), she also works with her three sisters organizing an annual golf tournament in her mother’s name with the proceeds going to the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation.

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