Did you know………According to the Small Business Association there are 28 million small business owners who account for 54 percent of the US economy (Gross Domestic Product).  As a small business owner you are considered to be the backbone of our economy. The United States government recognizes this and provides tax incentives for small businesses to grow; however, many business owners do not realize this. At Paradigm we believe the small business makes the biggest impact to the US economy; therefore, we want to provide the tools you need to be a viable business for years to come.

How big of an impact can you make? The Small Business Association states that 8 million new jobs have been created by small businesses since 1990, while big business has eliminated 4 million jobs. Your business, while unique in its own way, is like any other small business that could strongly benefit from a service provider who tailors products and services to promote and assist the small business to make a BIG impact and continue to move our economy in the right direction.

With the help of the 20 years of experience of Noel Saba CPA, we have developed a reputation for professional excellence through the high quality of services we perform for our clients. Paradigm Tax can assist you and your business with customized tax packages to meet your tax needs.

What all do we provide?

  • Income Tax Planning
  • Home Business Tax Expertise
  • Tax Savings Strategies
    • Business Deductions
    • Personal Deductions
    • Tax-deferred Exchange
  • Full Time CPAs
  • Planning for Audit Protection

At Paradigm we also provide the tools necessary to help you track your deductions. We have partnered up with Taxbot and will teach you easy ways to track your business mileage and store your receipts from your phone. How great would it be to see your deductions in real-time? Taxbot makes this possible. Along with secure importing of bank information and audit safe reports, Taxbot is your IRS compliant partner to help guide you to more deductions and business savings.

Guess what? Taxes are one of the largest expenditures for the successful small business owner; therefore, careful tax planning is vital to minimize tax exposure.  At Paradigm we can help you take advantage of what the system offers you as a small business owner. There is no need to take matters in your own hands when it comes to tax savings. Let Paradigm guide you in the right direction.

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Email: support@paradigmdirect.com

Phone: 1.800.404.0214